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Amy writes poems. Marge takes fine art photographs. One day they hatched a plan to make a book.

It was a moment of serendipity.  Marge was showing fine art photographs at a local exhibition.  One image in particular caught everyone’s attention.  The gallery tag asked, “Can you guess what this is?”  Almost no one could.  At the same show, Amy was exhibiting handmade books that celebrated a lively escapade between kids and their grandmother.  The very instant the two artists discovered their common goal and complementary mediums, Wonder began.

“Making this book has been an amazing creative experience for both of us – a journey of discovery, sharing, compromise, looking and listening, and joy. Come explore with us.” — Marge and Amy

Amy Lance has enjoyed a long and varied career as a writer, editor, illustrator, and graphic artist in the federal government and the private sector. As a fine artist, she works in watercolor and mixed media and exhibits locally in the Washington DC area. Examples of her art can be seen here. Amy has been honored with numerous awards and commendations for her work.

Marge Wasson is an award-winning fine art photographer who can get lost in the richness of images everywhere, from dirty dishes in the kitchen sink or the quirky character of a tiny flower to the architecture of a big city landscape. She exhibits regularly, teaches occasionally, and is proud to have her work in private collections and commercial spaces. When not behind her camera, Marge serves on a regional art league board and works as a marketing consultant. See more.

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